The Importance of Indoor Air Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

To the healthy majority, indoor air quality is little more than a passing thought.  But to 25-30% of the population, air quality can change their lives from normal to horrible.  More than pollen and allergens, the air is a universal factor that we cannot ignore.

Inadequate ventilation can cause a build of carbon dioxide making workers tired and unproductive.  

Particulate in the air has three bands of potential threats, and the smallest of these threats go directly into the bloodstream of the lungs when we breathe them.  One example is mycotoxins which happen more often than anyone knows.

Of course, we are all well aware of virus and bacteria now that the pandemic has ravaged, countries, and businesses.  

Yet another very real threat is VOCs (toxic gases) that remain trapped in buildings for years.  The bioload of minute toxic deposits can and will grow to a level that harms everyone in the building over time.

But, how do we know that these threats exist?  You could pay a professional IAQ Specialist to test your air, which is only a slice in time review.  Or, turn to SaniZone for our very affordable proactive infection prevention that stays ahead of the next infection cycle.

What's Worse than COVID-19?

Posted on: Tue, 12/11/2018 - 21:54 By: admin

Third BlogLet's start by stating that the "19" used for COVID-19 is not anything scientific.  It means that this is the 19th version of a spreading coronavirus.  Previous coronaviruses were concerning but not as infectious or dangerous as COVID-19.

We are told by the CDC that there were about 775,797 deaths as of Nov 1, 2021.  That is bad, no question.

Allergies, Immune weakness, and Multiple Chemical Sesitivity

Posted on: Tue, 12/11/2018 - 20:12 By: admin

chemical sensitivityMany of the people who get the most out of our indoor air quality monitoring are those who are troubled or struggling with health issues.  To be clear, the air quality can cause or aggravate many types of health problems.  

We know that some 25-30% suffer from some persistent health issues.  Whether asthma, allergies, weakened immune systems, congenital issues, or chronic health problems; this segment of society is far more impacted by what others tend to ignore and discount.

If 70% of a healthy workforce could ignore (for now) poor indoor air quality, that does not mean the threat isn't vitally important.  Like water coursing over limestone, toxic indoor air quality issue can wear down even the most tolerant immune system over time.

HR is Very Happy

Posted on: Tue, 12/11/2018 - 20:11 By: admin

First BlogEvery business lives in threat of litigation, regulation, and bad publicity from a host of sources.  This is simply the world we live in today, but all the compliance issues can keep a small or large company from paying attention to our core duties beyond health concerns.

We were shocked to realize that we had left a door open to litigation, employee issues, and federal fines by ignoring the indoor air quality.  Our HR department has a substantial history of complaints from workers who are routinely sick, taking excessive sick days off, and personal health complaints.

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